Defend The Children


Our Mission

Our Goal is to bring public awareness to the extent of  child abuse done by caregivers, and the terror it creates.  It is currently going on in every state, religion, race, gender, nationality, profession and economic bracket. There is no group void of child abuse...

We will post legislation which is helpful and that which is harmful for the children. We will work on creating new legislation to help the children and their protective parents...

We will call upon our legislators and the courts to make judges, child protection services, and the law enforcement, defend the children.  They must be made accountable for their actions and/or lack of actions...........
Remember Your Childhood
Was it a time for joy and love, funfilled games and friends, popsicles, a dive in the pool, teddy bears and sweet dreams, a warm bed and good food to eat?   If it wasn't,  it should have been.

We know for some, childhood means black eyes, broken bones, broken spirits, being verbally and sexually abused. It hurts.

Parental child abuse is the only crime where the victim is too often forced to be with the abuser.  Many times a protective parent loses custody to the very one who molested the child. 
This must stop.

Please join in our efforts to end child abuse and to defend the children. Join with us to be a voice for the children and protective parents who the courts have silenced. Let us work to end child abuse where it is most prevalent and atrocious, the child's own home. Every day in every state, children are being abused, molested and some even murdered in their own homes. This atrocity must stop.

Join us to Defend the Children and their Protective Parents.
Through viewing our site you will learn about current and new legislation, and what you can do to make change happen.
Remember, if you think child abuse doesn't effect your family, know that a perpetrator may legally be living next door to you, shopping where you shop, and working where you work.  A perpetrator's victims may grow up to be your children's friends, spouses and coworkers. 
Any information you feel might be of benefit to help end child abuse or the harm being done to protective parents, please email to us.  This site is active and will continue to be added to and updated as long as any child is being abused.
In our site:
  • You will be reminded of the victims, who are too often forgotten. 
  • You will find a place to know you are not alone, and others care. 
  • You will know that you are not powerless if you are willing to join forces and raise voices. 
  • We include an area of prayers, poems and support, because sometimes all we feel we have left is our hope and faith. 
  • In our site we  unite in our hope, and respectful of our differences.   

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