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Monday, June 18, 2012

Non-custodial dad charged in death of 2-year-old daughter (Boyd County, Kentucky)

Dad is identified as JOHN ELLIOTT, JR. Details of how he got access to the child are very unclear.

UPDATE: Dad Charged in Death of 2-Year-Old Daughter

UPDATE 6/18/12 @ 5 p.m.

BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) -- A father has been charged in the death of his 2-year-old daughter.

John Elliott, Jr., 30, of Catlettsburg, was arrested Monday afternoon on manslaughter charges.

Boyd County Sheriff Terry Keelin says the charges are in connection with the death of Elliott, Jr's 2-year-old daughter, Summer Adkins.

The Sheriff says Adkins lived with her mother in Carter County, but was at a babysitter's home in Boyd County when she died back in March.

The cause of death was determined to be compression.

Elliott is being held in the Boyd County Detention Center

Paducah Couple Pleads Guilty to Bizarre Child Abuse Charges
Sept 17, 2010

A Paducah couple pleaded guilty to child abuse charges after they admitted to pinching their sons genitals to discipline him.

Sentencing is set for november for Evelyn Arvin and Tlyer Fultz both 22 years old for second degree child abuse.

The couple was originally charged with first degree abuse.

Prosecutors in the case want a four year sentence for Arvin and a two year one for Fultz.

Bruises first appeared on the child when the coupke took him to the hospital in May.

He is now in foster care.

Father charged with killing 5-month-old daughter
Posted: Aug 13, 2010 1:53 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 13, 2010 1:53 PM CDT

Posted by Rich Miller

CENTRAL CITY, KY (WFIE) - A 28-year-old man has been charged with murder in connection with the death of his five-month-old daughter.

Central City police say Michael Callahan was arrested Thursday night.

A 911 call was placed from the Central Motel earlier that morning regarding an unconscious child. When police arrived, the child was already dead.

An investigation led police to issue the murder charge against Callahan, who police say was not at the motel when they arrived. The child's mother was among those interviewed.

The Muhlenberg County Coroner's Office has listed the preliminary cause of death as trauma to the head.

Callahan had been living at the motel for "two to three weeks" according to police.

He is in the Muhlenberg County Detention Center.

Anderson County


Victim(s): Cole Frazier (21 months)

Date of Death: May 2009

Father obtained custody with police assistance through fraudulent EPO. Shot son to death in murder-suicide. Mother suing police, city.

    • January 27, 2010

      6-week-old boy is killed; father faces 3 charges

      By Jessie Halladay

      A 6-week-old boy was found dead in an SUV near Newburg on Wednesday, just hours after family members reported him missing, and his father was charged in connection with his death.

      The baby, whose name has not been released, was reported missing to Louisville Metro Police about 10 a.m. Family members also told police that they could not find the boy's father, Robert W. Long, 44, police spokesman Dwight Mitchell said.

      By noon, a missing-person report had been made and investigators began working on an Amber Alert through the Kentucky State Police, Mitchell said.

      But before the alert could be processed, officers with the 6th Division and the Crimes Against Children Unit found a sport utility vehicle connected to Long in the 5500 block of Ridgecrest Road.

      Inside the SUV, police found the baby's body, Mitchell said. Police did not say how the boy died, but have ruled it a homicide.

      Long, who was at the home where the vehicle was found, was taken into custody and was charged late Wednesday night with menacing, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse, Mitchell said.

      Long was being held at Metro Corrections, and police are consulting with the commonwealth attorney's office about pending charges, Mitchell said.

      The last time the baby had been seen was Monday night, Mitchell said, adding that he did not know why family members waited to report him missing.

    • There have now been eight homicides in metro Louisville this year, including one in Shively.

      This is the second infant death in the area, following the Jan. 14 death of 4-month-old Aiden Caro of Bullitt County, who suffered severe head trauma when he was beaten.

      Samuel David Harris, 18, who was the boyfriend of Aiden's mother, is charged with murder and assault in Aiden's death.

      On Wednesday, Bullitt County officials charged Aiden's mother, 18-year-old Courtney Caro, with first-degree criminal abuse, alleging that she allowed her son to be abused.

Father Arrested On Child Abuse Charges

Steven Finkel Being Held In Carroll County Detention Center

July 6, 2009

A Carrollton man is facing child abuse charges.
Kentucky State Police said 21-year-old Steven Finkel has been charged with first-degree criminal abuse.
Investigators said they were alerted by Kosair Children's Hospital about a 7-week-old child who was being treated for a skull fracture and brain injuries.
After receiving information and interviewing family members, police arrested Finkel, who is the child's father.
He's being held in the Carroll County Regional Detention Center.

Police: Worst child abuse case they have ever seen
July 2009

Police call it one of the worst child abuse cases they have seen.

Police say a Pike County man severely beat his girlfriend's 20 month old son so badly that the baby had a broken leg and his entire head was black from the bruising.

Police believe 26 year old Justin Robinson beat the child and police say they had to Taze him just to arrest him, but he is already out of jail on bond.

WYMT’s Angela Sparkman found him at his house in Shelbiana Tuesday, but he would not talk to her.

Police are investigating how and why the alleged beating happened.

Police say 26 year old Justin Robinson was taking care of his live-in girlfriend's 20 month old son while she was at work.

Police say the mother came home and discovered the child in pain and took him to the hospital. Pikeville Medical Center doctors called state police.

“When he saw the child, he saw that there was severe bruising on the face and forehead. To quote Detective Cramer, he said it was “The worse case of bruising he had ever seen for a child this age,” Mike Goble said.

Investigators say the boy's entire head is black from the bruising and say he has a severe broken leg.

Police charged Robinson with abuse.

Troopers say when they went to arrest him, they had to taze him just to take him to jail. Robinson bonded out of jail and is now on home incarceration.

He did not want to talk to us when we went to his home on Greasy Creek Road.

Police believe this was not the first time he abused the child and say there is no clear motive for the alleged beating.

“It's an unbelievable thing to think about anyone that would harm a child, of any age, let alone a 20 month old,” Goble said.

The child is expected to survive. Police say the child is in protective custody and is safe.

 Diturbing Child Abuse

LEX 18 News has learned new information about a Madison County man charged with abusing his girlfriend's child, even forcing him to eat his own feces as a form of punishment.

Investigators say the child's father alerted them to the abuse when he took the four-year-old for the weekend and noticed bruises on his forehead, back and arms. Craig Shearer, 32, is charged with abusing the boy inside their home on College Hill Road in Waco.

Police say the child was left Shearer's care sometimes 12 or 14 hours or longer at a time, and say they think that's probably when most of the abuse, which they say including forcing the child to eat his own feces and drink his own urine as punishment for bathroom accidents.

Police say it's hard to pinpoint exactly when the alleged abuse occurred because of the age of the victim and the types of injuries, but say the abuse happened on at least two occasions.

Police say they've dealt with Shearer before, as he has previously been convicted of assault and being in possession of meth.

Investigators also say the boy's 18-month-old sister has injuries as well, but so far doctors can't determine if those injuries are accidental. 

Police say the boy recovering and is in his father's custody.

Police Arrest Ft. Campbell Solider For Child Abuse

Posted: June 2, 2009 07:28 AM EDT

Ft. Campbell, Ky. - Tuesday morning, a Fort Campbell soldier was behind bars after being accused of physically abusing his 2-year-old daughter.

Clarksville Police charged Eric Sutfin with child abuse and neglect and domestic assault. According to police, Sutfin's wife and 14-year-old son told officers that Sutfin grabbed his 2-year-old by the hair and carried her into the house from the patio. They said he was upset because she'd spilled juice on the patio.

Sutfin was also charged with threatening his wife.

Tuesday morning, Sutfin remained behind bars on $3,000 bond.

Please note this is an arrest not conviction at this time.

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. -- A Louisville attorney has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Lawrenceburg and two of its police officers.
Ron Hillerich filed the lawsuit Thursday morning in federal court.
Hillerich represents Candice Dempsey, the mother of 21-month-old Cole l. Frazier. Frazier died May 26 in Bardstown in what police called a murder-suicide. Police believe Cole was shot by his father, Timothy Frazier.
Hillerich's lawsuit alleged the child was illegally taken from his mother and placed into the custody of Frazier on May 14.

The custody shift came hours after Frazier filed an emergency protection order against Dempsey and requested temporary custody of the child.

The lawsuit claimed Lawrenceburg police officer Nathan Doty and officer ChrEBURG, Ky. -- Cole Frazier was at the center of a heated custody battle before his death Tuesday.
Cole had been with his father, Timothy Frazier, since May 13 after Frazier filed an emergency protection order in Nelson County against his girlfriend and the boy's mother, Candice Dempsey.
Dempsey lives in Lawrenceburg.
In the EPO, which was granted, Frazier also asked for temporary custody of Cole, but according to Dempsey's attorney Ron Hillerich, that request was not granted.
"The judge never ordered that this baby be removed from its mother," he said.
Hillerich said the EPO was only designed to keep Dempsey and Frazier away from each other.
In the order, the judge wrote, "If petitioner (Frazier) believes the child is in danger, he should contact the Cabinet for Health and Family Services or law enforcement."
"He specifically failed to order, and rightfully so, this child be removed from his mother," Hillerich said.
According to Hillerich, shortly after the order was signed in Nelson County, Lawrenceburg police served Dempsey with the paperwork, then seized the child.
On Wednesday, Timothy and Cole Frazier were found shot to death in Bardstown. Investigators are calling it an apparent murder-suicide.
"I've talked to my officer about it, and he did everything correctly," said Lawrenceburg Police Chief Tommy Burris
The chief said his officer removed the boy from the mother's home.
"Serving that EPO, he read it off to me, and he did everything correct, and I support him fully on that," Burris said.
When WLKY showed Burris a copy of the EPO, he said it was the first time he'd seen it. Furthermore, he could not provide WLKY with a copy of the order his department used.
Meanwhile, Hillerich said their investigation continues.
"If we find, as we believe, there was a mistake made, somebody will have to answer for that mistake," he said.

Published: March 18, 2008 08:10 am     

Parent arrested on criminal abuse charges

Kelly Foreman
Register News Writer

A Richmond man was arrested Thursday for abusing his 1-year-old daughter — the fourth child abuse arrest in Madison County in the past several weeks.

Jeremiah Caleb Blair, 23, of Foxhaven Drive, was arrested last week after a two-month-long investigation into allegations of abuse. Blair is charged with one count of first-degree criminal abuse allegedly for choking his daughter.

“The investigation began when the 1-year-old child was brought into St. Joseph Berea Hospital with bruises on her neck,” a Richmond Police press release states. “The bruising was consistent with injuries inflicted by another party. The child also suffered other injuries to her head area.”

Richmond Police Sgt. Willard Reardon would not go into details of the child’s injuries out of consideration for the victim. The child spent the night with Blair, her non-custodial father, Reardon said, and her injuries were discovered after she was returned to her mother. The abuse allegations were not the first time Richmond Police have been contacted with concern for the child, Reardon said.

“We had an ongoing investigation from a couple of months ago,” Reardon said. “This was just recent and that just kind of gave us the evidence to open the case to the point where we could act on it. A lot of times we get those kind of cases where people have alleged stuff and there’s not much we can do until we get evidence.”

Madison County has seen a string of child abuse cases recently. In early February, Regina Isaacs and her boyfriend Robert Castle were arrested on allegations that Isaacs 4- and 6-year-old daughters and 10-year-old son were being spanked by the couple with wooden paint stirrers and belts, leaving red marks and bruising. During a preliminary hearing in Madison District Court, RPD Detective Eric Long testified that the children also were made to stand in the corner for up to two hours as punishment for “breathing.”

“When they got out, they were spanked and put back in the corner for an additional hour,” Long testified.

Additionally, Castle is charged with first-degree sexual abuse and promoting a minor (younger than 16 years of age) in a sexual performance. Long testified that the charges stem from complaints made by Isaacs’ 4-year-old daughter.

Last week, Tara Farley was charged with smothering and choking her 8-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter while she was drunk.

Farley’s son told Madison County Sheriff’s Detective Scotty Anderson that he “was smacked in the face with a shoe,” Anderson said. “He had redness to his nose and cheek area and some scratches to his face. He said, ‘Mommy choked me,’ and it looked to me like he had a fingernail mark in-between his collar bones. He had a couple of scratches down his chest just below the scratch on his neck.

“He said when she got done choking him, she took a pillow and held him down and was smothering him,” Anderson said.

Another couple, Verona “V.J.” Brinegar and Ronald “Ronnie” Crabtree are less than a month away from a trial in which a jury will decide if they beat, burned and smothered Brinegar’s 2-year-old daughter, Callie Robinson. A Madison grand jury recently returned a superseding indictment charging the couple with criminal abuse in addition to the murder charges.

Reardon said there was not one thing he could point to that seems to have made these cases more prevalent, but agreed there had been an increase in complaints received by social services and the department’s child abuse section.

“I think they are coming to light more often than what they used to be,” he said. “In years past, child abuses cases were one of those things we didn’t have much of. It is an unreported crime a lot of times because a lot of times it deals with family and people don’t necessarily want to get involved.”

Blair was lodged in the Madison County Detention Center and was released on a $1,000 cash bond.

Kelly Foreman can be reached at or 624-6694

This is not just a minor sunburn
Huge blisters, 2nd and 3rd degree

BEREA, Ky. -- Police have charged a man with abuse after his 2-year-old son was sunburned.
According to police, Bobby Jones, 27, left his son in the sun for 90 minutes without any sunscreen.
"When you've got a fair-haired kid out there with no shirt on, it's not going to take very long for that child to basically get roasted," said Berea Police Capt. Ken Clark.

Jones was charged with criminal abuse. Police said he didn’t take adequate care to protect the boy's welfare.
Doctors said the boy had second- and third-degree burns.
"Just looking at these pictures makes me cringe," said Clark.
The child’s mother reported the burns after she picked him up.
Jones refused to comment.

Rest in Peace
McCaylah Watkins'

Silence Proved Deadly for This Child

Winchester, KY -- A 10-year-old child found dead in her family's apartment in central Kentucky was routinely belittled and lived in fear of upsetting her father, relatives and neighbors said.

McCaylah Watkins' bruised and lifeless body was found in her family's Winchester apartment Sunday. Her father Patrick Watkins, 30, and his wife, Joy Watkins, were charged with first-degree criminal abuse on a child under 12. Police said their investigation lead them to file more charges against the couple.

Family members and neighbors said the couple often cursed the girl and called her harsh names in public.

Joy Watkins' grandmother, Betty Stokley, who lives next door to the couple, said Patrick Watkins was cruel to McCaylah, his daughter from a previous marriage. Stokley said she had seen him kick the girl in the back, knocking her down.

"'Caylah would dodge him and move to the side if he walked past her," Stokley said of Patrick Watkins, 30. "She would shake and go on. She was afraid."

Winchester police Capt. Harvey Craycraft said McCaylah had "trauma injuries" on her body. Patrick Watkins told police that the girl had fallen down some stairs, Craycraft said.

Some neighbors wondered Monday whether there was something more they should have done.

"They were awful mean to the little baby," said Nancy Bowling, 60. "She was 10 years old, she wasn't nothing but a little baby who had no one to turn to."

Bowling said Joy Watkins often seemed hateful and rarely said anything pleasant to the girl.

"She would call her stupid and say things to her like 'shut up,"' Bowling said.

In one incident, Joy Watkins became upset with McCaylah and began yelling at her in the street in front of Bowling's apartment. She then knocked school books out of McCaylah's hands and stormed off, Bowling said.

Officials with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services declined to comment on past or current investigations involving the Watkinses.


Social Worker Killed, Kentucky Couple Arrested

Told that her nine-month-old son was about to be put up for adoption, Renee Terrell was scheduled for a final supervised visit with the baby boy -- a visit that proved fatal for the Kentucky social worker and launched a nationwide Amber Alert for Terrell, her boyfriend and the infant.

Three days after social worker Boni Frederick, 67, was found dead in the mother's home, police were still seeking the public's help in locating 33-year-old Terrell, her 23-year-old boyfriend Christopher Wayne Luttrell and her son, Saige.

    UPDATE: FBI agents arrested Terrell and Luttrell about 8:30 p.m. Thursday in a rural area near Godfrey, Illinois 35 miles north of St. Louis, FBI spokesman Marshall Stone said. The infant was found with the couple and safe. They were hiding in a camper after the car they were driving broke down.

    Authorities believe Terrell and Luttrell killed the social worker Monday when she brought the baby to Terrell's home for a visit. The boy had been in foster care since he was 13 days old, after he was removed from the home due to neglect, police said.

    Police believe the couple fled the Henderson, Kentucky area in Frederick's white 2000 four-door Daewoo Nubira station wagon with Kentucky license plate 675DRV. They were captured on a video camera Tuesday buying gas for the vehicle, using Frederick's credit card.

Handicapped daughter raped by stepfather

I found out that my now ex-husband was sexually abusing my daughter when I was at work. I didn't find out till several months had passed when he gave her an STD called ''Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). He gave her the one that caused cancer. I have tried to get legal counsel for her here in Kentucky, but since she is handicapped, no one will touch the case. I even contacted the attorney generals office and they just referred me to someone else. Then they referred me to someone else, and so on. I have gotten the biggest run around with this. I blame the social services dept as they never reported it to the authorities like they were supposed to. The gal just closed the case as my ex-husband convinced her it happened in another state and she didn't know how to handle the case. She didn't even report it to the other state that he says it happened in for investigation. Then the authorities didn't even really follow up on it when they were told about it. So he continues to walk around with a big smile on his face knowing he has gotten away with it. He keeps dating other women that have handicapped girls as well. What can I do? Not only for my daughter's sake, but for all the other handicapped people as well. Please help us!!!

Category: Disability Discrimination Law (ADA)
State(s), Country: KY (KY), US
Posted: 2/10/2007

Dad, Released to Donate Kidney to Son, Skips Town

by admin on September 6th, 2006

Byron Perkins The Kentucky father convinced a judge to let him out of jail so that he could cough up a kidney for his ailing son Destin, who was in dire need of a transplant.  Mr. Convict skipped town on the final day of pre-transplant testing, taking both kidneys and his girlfriend with him. Doctors say that Byron Perkins was a near-perfect match for the procedure before he decided that his life was more important than his child’s.

Destin, thank the gods, still got the organ he needed to stay alive from an anonymous donor in California.

Byron has reportedly been sighted in Mexico.

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